Sunday, August 18th

5-8 PM $65/person ++

call to reserve your spot. 615 298 3663

In the BARN, on the Patio &

in the Restaurant

Miel’S 3rd Annual

Summer Harvest Dinner

This all Vegetarian Dinner Celebrates the Best of What is Coming out of the Fields RIGHT NOW!

We begin in the Barn & on the patio with appetizers and cocktails then move into the restaurant for a family style dinner served in many waives.

Be prepared to experience complex flavors and a very special vegetarian dinner.


To Start

In the BARN & On The Patio. 5-5:45

Eggplant Stuffed Olives

Squash with Dill Vinegar, parmesan, Herbs

Watermelon, Strawberry Vinegar, Vicchio

Squash Blossom, Toum, Fermented Scallion



Salted Plums, Sticky Rice, Green Tea, Purple Basil Salt

Preserved Fig Bread, Smokey Honey, Fermented Fig Butter

Corn Agnolotti, Chili Pepper, Basil, Smoked Butter Emulsion

Pepperade with Smoked Ricotta

Ratatouille Gratin

Tomato, Cucamelon, Pickled Okra,

Burnt Cucumber, Calabrain Chili, Olive



Roasted Peach Ice-Cream Sandwich with Cherry Jam

Sourdough Donut with Strawberry Glaze

Preserved Plum and Pistachio Mousse

Just cornbread :). !!!

Just cornbread :). !!!